Sustainability Reporting Services (GRI)

Sustainability means ensuring continuity in production and not compromising the needs of future generations while meeting our own needs.

  • Companies that work on sustainability and make relevant statements
  • Demonstrates the ability to create value for all stakeholders in the long term
  • They state that their companies adopt a transparent and holistic approach in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects of business processes.
  • They document that their activities continue in an environment and people-oriented manner.

Why Should You Choose Perfect Green for Sustainability Reporting Service?

Perfect green,

  • Allows you to better understand your stakeholders’ needs
  • Helps to create a sustainability strategy by identifying sustainability-related risks and opportunities.
  • Carries out its reporting processes within the framework of GRI standards.

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards provide an internationally valid framework for the preparation of sustainability reports that provide transparent information to stakeholders about sustainability performance.

At Perfect Green, the flow chart for the process is as follows.

  • Determining needs analysis by conducting a preliminary meeting
  • Data Collection Process
  • Draft Report Preparation Process
  • Determination of Priority Issues
  • Technical Calculations Content Creation
  • Creating visual content for the report format
  • Preparation of GRI Index
  • Obtaining GRI Approval
  • Publication of the report

“Green Today, Sustainable Tomorrow: Let’s Grow Together.”

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