Services Related to Carbon Crediting Processes and Trade

Perfect Green, in line with GRI standards; It offers reporting services to report performance in environmental, social, economic and corporate governance areas.

Carbon credits are units of emission reductions used to report greenhouse gas reductions equivalent to each ton of CO2 made by an activity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are called Verified Emission Reduction (VER).

The definition of greenhouse gas emission reduction represented by these credits, also known as carbon offset certificates, is made with reference to an activity that produces greenhouse gas emissions at an equivalent capacity.

As Perfect Green A.Ş., we provide registration and crediting services in various certification programs such as (Verra, Gold Standard, Cercarbono, GCC, Biocarbon and ICR), which are among the Carbon Certification Programs accepted in International Standards.

Carbon certification helps institutions offset their carbon emissions by certifying the emissions they reduce and selling them to other organizations.

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