Providing cost-effective I-REC in Reduction Processes after Carbon Footprint Calculation

-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate), which means Renewable Energy Certificate or Green Energy Certificate in Turkish, is a certification system developed by the International REC Standard Foundation.

I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) is a certificate developed for the quality of renewable electricity produced in developing countries.

In other words, it is the certification system used to prove that 1 MW of electricity mobilized between the electricity producer and the user comes from a renewable energy source. The certification period is 5 years.

Where is I-REC Certificate Used?

  • The standard can be applied to a much wider range of products than renewable energy. In addition to separating “green” electricity from “gray” electricity, it could potentially allow consumers to identify other preferred types of products (biogenic and thermogenic natural gas or recycling-derived metals).
  • I-REC is a convenient tool for documenting and monitoring electricity consumption from renewable sources. It is also an effective tool for documenting the reduction of emissions and improving the degree of sustainability towards RE100 (global corporate renewable energy initiative) and CDP (non-profit, charitable organization that operates the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities to manage their environmental impact) targets.

With the 22 years of experience and portfolio of one of our Group Companies, Perfect Enerji Danışmanlığı A.Ş., in trade management services of renewable facilities with an installed capacity of approximately 2950 MW, it will be possible to obtain cost-effective IREC certificates from companies with IREC Certificates.

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