Corporate/Product Water Footprint

Water Footprint refers to the amount of water consumed and polluted to produce the product, including the supply chain. Water Footprint Calculation offers a unique and practical perspective to help you develop a well-thought-out corporate water strategy for your business.

At Perfect Green, the flow chart for the process is as follows

  • Creating a road map for the field of activity by holding a preliminary meeting
  • Technical and detailed training planning
  • Performing resource identification, creating a demand chart and system diagram for water footprint
  • Data collection process
  • Creating a calculation methodology using relevant standards and a wide database network
  • Reporting and submission of additional documents

Where is the Water Footprint Calculation Report Used?

Water footprint calculations and reporting provide a good resource when performing successful and effective sustainability management. Water footprint reporting, which is also necessary for stakeholder communication, can be used on many platforms and communication tools for stakeholder management.

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