Corporate Carbon Footprint

Corporate Carbon Footprint

To create a strategy, it is important to understand where you are in the market. That’s why Corporate Carbon Footprint Reporting is the first step in determining a low or zero carbon strategy.

As Perfect Green, we provide calculation services in 6 scopes in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2018 standards and 3 scopes in accordance with the GHG Protocol, with our experienced team in the field. Using the most comprehensive international databases and the software containing them forms the basis of our service quality.

At Perfect Green, the flow chart for the process is as follows

  • Creating a road map for the field of activity with a preliminary meeting
  • Technical and detailed training planning
  • Data collection process
  • Establishing the calculation methodology using relevant standards and a wide database network (ECOINVENT)
  • Reporting and submission of additional documents

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