CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)


CDP is a non-profit initiative aimed at transparent and reliable documentation of environmental impacts. Institutions that want to transparently report their environmental impacts make declarations through CDP.

In the system, which progresses by revealing risks and opportunities based on factors such as climate change, water security and deforestation, environmental action plans are created with a comprehensive data set. Institutions and organizations that provide this data prove that they minimize risks by managing their environmental impacts and their sustainable development for all related components.

CDP has created a carbon transparency system for institutions, cities, countries and regions on a global scale. Programs of this system that contribute to the management of environmental impact:

  • Climate Program
  • Water Program
  • Forest Program

Why Should You Choose Perfect Green in CDP Service?

  • Perfect Green reviews your score from the previous year, if available, and analyzes the main issues using its experience in line with CDP’s scoring methodology and guidance. By checking the accuracy of greenhouse gas emission calculations, taking into account the updated/latest version emission values in this process, deficiencies in the calculation process are identified and the road map is strengthened.

  • Perfect Green, CDP prepares a draft version of the questionnaire to be completed and makes necessary revisions to the answers according to the previous steps.

  • Your score is calculated using the most up-to-date CDP scoring methodology to understand where your company may be underperforming in the scoring process and predict your potential final score. Double-checking is performed before making a CDP declaration.

  • Perfect Green evaluates your company’s CDP data and forecasts and creates rational sustainability strategies within realistic parameters for your business.

“Green Today, Sustainable Tomorrow: Let’s Grow Together.”

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