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Providing services in the field of sustainability, Perfect Green, Perfect Enerji consultancy A.Ş. It is a group company with. One of our companies, Perfect Solutions, is Turkey’s First and Only Company that provides Operational Trade Services for Renewable Energy Production Facilities. With 22 years of experience, it provides Trade Management as well as Consumption Point Management and licensing services in accordance with EMRA legislation for a portfolio of 2950 MW, all of which is renewable, and more than 300 legal entities. With the knowledge we have gained from the successful projects we have been carrying out, Perfect Green Danışmanlık A.Ş. provides reporting services in Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Analysis and many other areas within the framework of international standards in line with Green, Circular and Sustainability principles.


Our company provides services for the Green and Circular economy. Within the framework of our European Union Green Deal Harmonization Consultancy;


  • Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting Service within the Scope of ISO 14064-1:2018 and GHG Protocol
  • ISO 14067:2018 Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting Service of Products
  • Border Carbon Regulation Mechanism (SKDM) Consultancy Service
  • Water Footprint Calculation and Reporting Service within the Scope of ISO-14046
  • LCA / Life Cycle Assessment
  • CDP Service (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Sustainability Reporting Service (according to GRI Standards)
  • Provision of cost-effective I-REC certificates and Carbon Credits in Reduction Processes after Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Sustainable Tourism Certification Consultancy
  • Educational Services
  • Services for the development and international trading of Carbon Credits and Plastic Credits for plastic waste collection, sorting and recycling facilities

You can click here to visit our Perfect Solutions corporate website, which offers innovative solutions in the energy sector:: https://www.perfectsolutionstr.com/tr

“Green Today, Sustainable Tomorrow: Let’s Grow Together.”

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